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We understand the time consuming and beating yourself up feeling when it comes to hiring an agent and putting your house on the market and waiting for the phone to ring. It is frustrating and overwhelming when you are told your home needs to be repaired before it is presentable to the market, and then spend another 50-90 days in the market before it may possibly be sold. Now this requires time and money.
Time and money are extremely valuable to you and our solution is to save you time by closing within 10 days and save you money by not investing into the home you are no longer planning to live in.

Why Choose Us


Our motivation to make a positive change in your life is important


Our Expertise in Real Estate will make this process as fast and pain-free as possible


Our satisfaction to assist in releasing you from the negative financial situation you may be in


We are not going to beat around the bush and give you reasons on why or how to make your house look appealing to the market. We will take care of all of that for you. As a matter of fact we will close on your house and give you the cash before you even have the chance to think into it.
We have helped many families, individuals, and couples resolve their issues and fit them into a better place in their life throughout the experience we offer. We specialize in real estate and are licensed trained experts, we are not here to purchase at the lowest price possible, rather we strive to purchase at the fair market price to assure you are happy with the decision made.

If you love your home and do not plan on selling it any time soon then we are very happy for you. However, there are certain circumstances when selling your home and selling it quick is the best option or the only option. These are the situations we specialize in. Whether that circumstance is late mortgage payments, credit card debt, settlement disputes, job-loss, divorce, work-related relocation, moving, etc. we are here to find a better result for you.
It can be any square footage, in any condition, in any area in Houston, we will give you a cash offer for your property no strings-attached, no obligation! There is nothing to lose so do not forget to take a minute to fill out the contact form to the right and wait for our call to get you cash offer!


  • Thank you for all your assistance We really appreciate all your hard work.

    James and Jen Fryer

  • They promptly answered our emails and arranged for the relevant tradespeople to come and do what was needed to resolve the issues.

    Claire & Erik Urbach

  • Many thanks for your effort, help and involvement in the purchase of our property. It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to do so again!

    Mark & Angela Franulovic

  • He handled our sale beautifully and in my opinion Leap Advancement provides an excellent service."

    N Monaghan

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